11 TV series were about plane crashes (2023)

For some strange reason, viewers are fascinated by shows centered around plane crashes. They've been tackled in a variety of ways, and oftentimes, the accident leaves a group of people stranded somewhere, usually on a deserted island. Other times there is something questionable about the accident, why it happened or the event adds even more mystery. Many of these series have been released over the past two decades, but some are even older, and in one case, the series hasn't even premiered yet.


For those looking for a different show themed around a plane crash and its aftermath, there are great options to choose from.

Updated on 06/19/2021 by Gabriela Silva:Nothing makes a TV show more compelling than when it's based on an exciting catastrophe. Whether it's volcanic eruptions, earthquakes or even plane crashes, several shows rely on the interest of this type of storyline audience. Airplane crash TV series are quite popular than TV fans might imagine, and there are a plethora of shows to add to the watch list for thrilling drama.

Tramp (2019) – Available on Netflix

11 TV series were about plane crashes (1)

trampANDa popular Netflix K-dramathat combines a search for the truth, a terrifying suspense story and even a little romance. The 2019 series uses a devastating plane crash as the premise of a plane carrying 200 civilians that crashes without leaving any survivors. One of the victim's uncles, Cha Dal-Gun (Lee Seung-Gi), begins to suspect foul play.

To avenge the dead and his nephew, Dal-Gun teams up with a National Intelligence agent to uncover deep corruption.

(Video) Joe Lara - Tarzan Actor Has Died In A Plane Crash Aged 58.

Lost (2004-2010) - Available on Hulu

11 TV series were about plane crashes (2)

The most obvious show, and probably the first one that comes to mind when asked about their favorite show about a plane crash, isLost. While the plane crash only existed to set the stage for events to come, it was a crucial part of it.the revolutionary show.

According to the story, a plane crashed on a mysterious island, but most of the passengers survived. As they explore and try to figure out where they are, how to get off the island, and how to survive there, strange things start to happen. If you want to check out this classic drama, you can stream it on Hulu.

Departure (2019-present) - Available on Peacock and Apple TV

11 TV series were about plane crashes (3)

Already renewed for a second season, this British-Canadian suspense drama is also available viaPeacock-Streaming-Dienst, has a star-studded cast that includes Archie Panjabi andChristoph Plummer. There are no passengers trapped here, just a plane that crashes and kills all the passengers inside - at least that's what they think. It appears that a young woman survived, albeit seriously injured.

The six intense episodes chronicle a journey of police and investigative work to find out what caused the accident and whether or not it was an accident in the first place. Can the only female survivor help, and was she involved? It's a true crime thriller that will keep viewers curious until the very end.

The Wilds (2020-present) – Available on Prime Video

11 TV series were about plane crashes (4)

described aslord of the flieswith young women, a private plane carrying high school girls to a special retreat designed to help them with their personal problems crashes on a deserted island. Girls from all walks of life must try to get along while figuring out how to shelter, find food and survive.

(Video) Lone Survivor of 1987 Plane Crash Breaks Silence

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there is a twistthe desert, spoilers ahead for those interested in watching the series - the plane didn't actually crash. and it alla psychological experiment. The question is why and how far will they go to use these girls as their human lab rats?

Manifesto (2018-present) – Available on Peacock and Netflix

11 TV series were about plane crashes (5)

It's easy to get drawn into this supernatural drama about a plane that's been missing for five and a half years and then suddenly appears out of nowhere, all the passengers are alive and well. Only they don't know that a lot of time has passed and their families have moved and are in mourning.

Passengers on Montego Air Flight 828 try to reintegrate into normal life and deal with people who think they are evil beings. But each passenger begins to experience visions and premonitions that suggest they may have picked up some new skills while their lives hung in the balance. With two seasons under his belt, including oneCliffhanger season two finale, the third season ofManifestoscheduled to premiere in 2021 and available to stream on Peacock.

Shipwreck (2016-2018) - Available on HBO Max

11 TV series were about plane crashes (6)

One of only two sitcoms on the list, this is a parody ofLostwhich premiered a few years after this iconic series ended. As inLost, a group is stranded on a deserted island after a plane crashes. There are the typical typescript characters, including the spoiled rich kid, the bookworm, and the feminist, along with a flight attendant, among others.

It aired on TBS for three seasons before being cancelled. For anyone interested in watching the parody show, it is available to stream on Hulu and HBO Max.

(Video) Inside The Twin Towers When Plane Hits

Emergency (2019-2020) - Available for purchase on Prime Video

11 TV series were about plane crashes (7)

trotzcanceled after just one season, this mystery thriller still belongs in the plane crash show category. A young woman is found at the scene of a plane crash, but she can't remember what happened or even who she is.


The girl may have more to do with the accident than she realizes, as the investigation reveals a conspiracy that goes beyond the events of that night. Some big names have been associated with the series, including Donald Faison and Terry O'Quinn, better known as John Locke.Lost.The season can be streamed on Apple TV.

Flight 29 down (2005 - 2007) - Tubi

11 TV series were about plane crashes (8)

Flight 29 downis one of the longest-running series on the list, and just as the show's name suggests, it's about a plane that crashes. The accident, billed as an adventure comedy, traps a group of teenagers on an island.

The episodes, which originally aired on Discovery Kids, show the kids recording their struggles using a video diary powered by a solar battery charger. described asLostFor teens, minus the supernatural elements and confusing storylines, it's a fun show to watch with younger viewers. The 2005 concert can only be broadcast on Tubi.

(Video) MH370: The Plane That Disappeared | Official Trailer | Netflix

Deep into the Night (2020 - Present) – Available on Netflix

11 TV series were about plane crashes (9)

A new series streaming on Netflix, this Belgianapokalyptischer Sci-Fi-Drama-ThrillerIt has already been renewed for a second season. Based on the novel by Jacek DukajThe old axolotl, is offered in French, Dutch and English. What's interesting about this series is that it isn't technically about a plane crash, but rather the "fall" of Earth itself as a flying plane shelters the only survivors.

The flight from Brussels is hijacked by an Italian NATO soldier before the catastrophic solar radiation event wipes out nearly all of humanity. As presumably the only survivor on Earth, the passengers must work together to stay out of the sun and survive until they reach an underground military bunker.

Yellowjackets (in brief) - In brief not Showtime

11 TV series were about plane crashes (10)

fixed onpremiered at the end of this year, this series will star Christina Ricci and Juliette Lewis and has been called "survival drama meets psychological horror and coming-of-age drama".

A women's soccer team is on a plane when it crashes in the northern desert. The series continues 25 years after his rescue. But they still bear the scars of their days as savages and the final fight for survival. It airs on Showtime.

Air Disasters (2003–present) - Available on Paramount+

11 TV series were about plane crashes (11)

Also known asSocorroin Canada, where the series originated,air disasterssometimes also referred to as in the USAir Emergency oder Mayday: Air Disaster—This is a documentary series dealing with real and fictional plane crashes.

(Video) LOST: Flight 815 Crash in Real Time

In addition to actual plane crashes, the series, which will air after 20 seasons, examines near misses, hijackings, bombings and other disasters that happen from great heights. The use of role-playing and computer-generated imagery helps bring the true stories being discussed to life.

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