16 Event Invitation Email Examples That Get RSVPs (2023)

When it comes to event invitations, your email inbox is a battleground as you compete for the attention of your potential guests! A great event invitation email should be an important part of your event marketing strategy as it is offeredan easy way to a growing guest list.Let's take a look at how to write an event invitation email and some invitation email examples to help you create the perfect announcement or invitation email for your event!

How to write an email for an event

The style of your online event invitation will depend on the type of event you're hosting and the tone you want to set with your event invitation email. You should consider both when you are looking for event invitation email templates or when you start writing your invitation. The following types of invitations and events are discussed below:

  • conference invitations
  • Invitations to trade fairs
  • Invitations to leave the team
  • training invitations
  • Lunch and study invitations
  • Workshop Invitations
  • Invitations to seminars
  • Invitations to networking events
  • welcome invitations
  • Invitations to online events
  • Webinar Invitations
  • Invitations to corporate parties

Email basics for event invitations

Essential parts of an event invitation

  • Time, date, place and duration of your event
  • Strong calls to action
  • Clean and clear delivery
  • A catchy subject line

Event Announcements

An event ad is exactly what it sounds like: an ad that alerts your readers to an upcoming event. These announcements must include all currently available details for the event, such as: B. date, time and location, but may or may not include a link to RSVP or to purchase tickets.

Subject lines for event announcements

Subject lines are the first contact your potential guest will have with your event: it's your first chance to grab their attention and make sure they open the email! A personalized subject line can help engage your readers, as can including event details like date or location.

Here are some example email subject lines for event announcements:

  • Just announced: [Event Name] is happening on [Event Date] at [Event Location]!
  • Join us! An exciting event at [venue]
  • [Name], we want you to be the first to know about [Event Name]!
  • Don't miss [event name]! Reserve your place today!
  • Mark your calendar for [event name], [name]!

Invitations to events

Unlike an event announcement email, an event invitation email isAlwayscontain a way for the recipient to get in touch, purchase tickets, or otherwise show interest. At a minimum, an event invitation must include the date, time, and location of the event, as well as any applicable dress code, theme, and host or beneficiary of the event. And don't forget: Even if it's a virtual invitation, the invitation email to the event has to be well-crafted and interesting!

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Subject lines for event invitations

Event invitation subject lines should be relatively short but memorable. They should grab your reader's attention and encourage them to click through the body of the email.

Here are some example event invitation subject lines to get you started:

  • Do not wait! Get your tickets for [event name] today!
  • You are invited to [event name]. Get your tickets now!
  • [Company Name/Host Name] Presents: [Event Name]
  • Save the date for [event name]!
  • It's finally here: [Event Name]

16 Event Invitation Email Examples That Generate RSVPs

Now that you are familiarthe basicevent invitation emails and we've already seen some simple subject line examples, it's time to delve into the ins and outs of creating an email for a corporate event invitation. The following event invitation examples and suggestions can be modified and customized to suit the unique focus and audience of your event.

conferenceInvitation Emails

Conferences usually take place over several days and often include several breakout sessions or breakout groups during the event. Therefore, you should ensure that your conference invitation email includes the date and duration of your conference (e.g. "A free week-long event from October 12th to 16th") as well as an outline of what the topics or sessions it may be , clearly indicating overcast.

Check out this sample conference invitation email below. You can use this example as a conference invitation email template for your own event:

16 Event Invitation Email Examples That Get RSVPs (1)

This sample conference advertisement does a lot of things right: it uses persuasive language and imagery to engage the reader, it states early in the body of the email why an invitee wants to attend the event, and it includes all the necessary information before leaving them gives the reader a strong call to action and a link to reserve your spot.

commercial exhibitionInvitation Emails

When inviting to a trade fair, it is particularly important to give potential guests an impression of the depth and breadth of the exhibits at the event. If your showroom is particularly large or dynamic, say so! The following show invitation is a great illustration of what the show has to offer, and the personal touch (“You are invited as my guest”) will draw the reader in to you and the event.

16 Event Invitation Email Examples That Get RSVPs (2)

team consolidationEmail Invitations

Team meeting invitation emails can and should reflect the tone you want to achieve with the entire event: do you expect a lively and fun event, mostly focused on casual socializing, or a more professional and skill-building event? Whatever the answer, your email invitation should make it clear to your employees what type of afternoon they are signing up for. The team building invitation example below is a great example email invitation for a casual social event with a team at work:

16 Event Invitation Email Examples That Get RSVPs (3)

departure of the teamInvitation email

Different than your averageTeambuilding-Event, Team Walks naturally drive employeesFor aFrom the office. This provides a wonderful opportunity to showcase the interesting outdoor location you have chosen for your event. Much of this can be accomplished with the graphic design of your email template, but the language in the body of the email should reflect your excitement about the venue and the activities you have planned for the event.

Just like at a team building event, you should set clear accents with your invitation. The sample office team building invitation email below shows a perfect marriage of design and text that would make any work team excited about their next event:

16 Event Invitation Email Examples That Get RSVPs (4)

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TrainingInvitation Emails

Win corporate trainingbad reputation as boring nap parties.To generate RSVPs for your event, you need to make sure guests are excited about the day's events — and that starts with a great invitation email.

The following training invitation email underscores the excitement factor in several ways: it immediately highlights that the event is free, includes experts, and will help advance your career; strikes a positive tone; It describes what type of events and activities will be available and concludes with engaging photos of past attendees enjoying their time at the event. This invitation email is 10/10 - consider using this as an event email template for your next corporate training!

16 Event Invitation Email Examples That Get RSVPs (5)

eat lunch and studyInvitation Emails

Who doesn't love a Lunch and Learn event? Food, fun and education are a winning combination, but your potential guests need to know why they should attend.beevent special. What is the topic of the "learning" part? Is the provided lunch particularly exciting? Is your speaker a recognized expert in his field? Answering these questions in your email invitation can go a long way in garnering those coveted RSVPs.

The example Lunch and Learn invitation email below hits all the right notes. The design is bold and eye-catching, and framing the event as a 'celebration' adds a bright, personal touch. The reader immediately gets a feel for the event (community-focused, casual, potluck) and, thanks to the inclusion of branded video content, dives deep into the hosting company and the food.ecooking demonstrations. This invitation makes us wish we could go back in time and attend this event - so imagine the impact a similar invitation could have on your next event's RSVP list!

16 Event Invitation Email Examples That Get RSVPs (6)

OfficeInvitation Emails

As with corporate training, the key to a successful workshop invitation is convincing your potential guest that your event is the must-have professional development opportunity of the year.

The following workshop invitation example, while intentionally generic, uses an attractive design to its advantage. Stunning imagery and a choice of fonts entice the reader to learn more about the event, and key phrases like "The University's Largest and Most Anticipated Training Workshop" and "New Lectures and Seminars" help seal the deal.

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16 Event Invitation Email Examples That Get RSVPs (7)

SeminarInvitation Emails

The word 'seminar' might not conjure up excitement and engagement, but that's where your excellent seminar invitation comes in! You've put a lot of time and effort into planning a great seminar, and your email invitation should reflect that.

In the sample seminar invitation email below, the organizer has chosen a format that supports the prestige and quality of their event. Most importantly, at the beginning (second paragraph) is the event's thesis: It will "combine technical information, encouragement of personal effectiveness, and hands-on, hands-on experience" to "ensure delegates go home with the skills needed and... their teams to perform at the peak of their abilities" and so on.

By setting event intent upfront, potential attendees can make an informed decision about whether this event is right for them. Remember, you don't just wantanyGuest at your event: You want guests who really engage with the topic of your seminar, who will benefit from the program and who will most likely sing your praises! Getting the attention of those invitees is key, and that's what makes the email invitation example below so good.

16 Event Invitation Email Examples That Get RSVPs (8)

networkInvitation Emails

Networking events are a dime a dozen, so what sets yours apart? This is what you want to emphasize in your networking event invitation. Some things to consider: What type of people will your networking event bring together? Is it a cross-industry event or a specialist event in an industry or a specialist area? Where is your event taking place? What kind ofEntertainment will your event have?Will your event have a theme? Do you offer food and drinks at your event and if so, which ones?

The prospect of networking opportunities is often not enough to attract potential attendees: you need to use the cool extras to convince them to click the RSVP button. In the sample invitation email below, these amenities are listed first, with beer, wine, and appetizers first.Thentake up the topic for the evening's networking. It gives the recipient the impression that this event will be relaxed and fun, as well as an opportunity for networking and learning.

16 Event Invitation Email Examples That Get RSVPs (9)

Meet and GreetInvitation Emails

A meet-and-greet event is essentially a networking event by a different name, so much of the same advice applies. However, a meet-and-greet event may involve a more structured flow of events or networking, such as: B. a "speed dating" setup or similar. If your event involves a particular style of performance, your meet and greet invitation email should make that clear. Any networking event can inspire a little anxiety, even for seasoned industry professionals. So giving email recipients an idea of ​​what to expect at your event will increase your response rate and earn you good practice points.

The following example of an event invitation succeeds with a bold but readable design and the inclusion of the phrase “Bring your visit cards!” This signals to the audience that the event will involve the traditional method of networking business card exchanges, in order to to formulate their expectations of the event and to reassure them.

16 Event Invitation Email Examples That Get RSVPs (10)

online eventEmail Invitations

Online events are on the rise now more than ever. Therefore, the competition for the attention of your potential guests is fierce. To make your invitation email for an online event or webinar stand out, you need to convey the topic or focus of the event in an exciting and engaging way, and make it as easy as possible for attendees to respond to it. Including an RSVP button in your invitation email is a must, but you could also consider a feature that automatically adds the event to your attendees' Google calendars or something similar. That way, your online event stays in the minds of your guests even after you close your email invitation.

Below is a professional invitation email that hits all the right notes for an online event. It begins with an eye-catching header image that highlights the key speakers and continues with the necessary information for the event, such as: B. Date, time and what the participants can expect.

More importantly, it also includes an incentive for interested parties to register as soon as possible and a built-in RSVP button that replaces a generic call-to-action with the more exciting "secure your spot today!"

16 Event Invitation Email Examples That Get RSVPs (11)

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WebinarInvitation Emails

Webinars are the new frontier in professional development, and companies are quick to jump on the bandwagon. To really make your webinar invitation email shine, highlight interest in your event early and often. An event that seems popular among others will naturally generate more interest from potential attendees, so use your growing RSVP list to your advantage! Again, it's important to let your audience know what to expect from your webinar, both in terms of experience and expertise.

The sample invitation below illustrates both suggestions well. An eye-catching design helps draw the reader in, while key phrases like "Our webinar is filling up so quickly," "Second hours," and "Your seat is available" reinforce the value of the event.

16 Event Invitation Email Examples That Get RSVPs (12)

welcome partyInvitation Emails

What's more festive than a housewarming party? If you're new to the neighborhood and hoping to generate local interest in your company or to welcome new employees, a welcome party invitation email should convey your company's enthusiasm for the upcoming event.

Typically, an email invitation to a corporate welcome party has a positive, even funny tone, and tells potential attendees what entertainment, activities, food, drinks, and more they can expect from your event.

While the example email below is a simple welcome invitation email (i.e. not an invitation to a welcome party, but an invitation to interact with the platform the recipient recently signed up for), it can still be used as an email Mail template for upcoming events serve in the spirit of a welcome party. It uses fun, smile-making graphics, affirmative, results-oriented language, and a strong call-to-action to ensure recipients click the “Start Meditation” (or “RSVP” in your case) button.

16 Event Invitation Email Examples That Get RSVPs (13)

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