How can I improve Shopify email open rates? | Sender (2023)

How can I improve Shopify email open rates? | Sender (1)

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We've all been there. You spent hours creating the perfectemail campaignto promote your products, services, or blog post content on Shopify. But it doesn't seem to get the traction you were hoping for when you sent it out. A low Shopify email open rate can be frustrating, especially if you've invested a lot of time and effort into your email campaign.

But don't despair! You can employ several simple yet effective email marketing campaign strategies to improve your Shopify store's email open rates. In this article, we'll explore 17 practical strategies to help you get the most out of your email marketing efforts.

What is Shopify's email open rate?

Before diving into the strategies, it's essential to define your Shopify email open rate. It's the percentage of recipients who open your email. This metric indicates how well your email subject line and content resonates with your target audience and the success of your email marketing campaigns.

It's a crucial metric to monitor, as a high open rate means your emails are being viewed and potentially engaged, while a low open rate means they're being overlooked or ignored.

To calculate your email open rate, divide the number of emails opened by the total number of emails sent and multiply the result by 100.

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Email open rate = (Number of emails opened / Total number of emails sent) x 100

For example, if you sent 100 emails and 20 of them were opened, your open rate would be 20%.

Knowing your email open rate is crucial because it can help you measure the effectiveness of your email campaigns and make data-driven decisions to improve them.

By tracking your Shopify email open rate, you can also identify which types of emails work best with your audience. For example, you might find that your promotional emails have a higher open rate than your newsletters or abandoned cart emails.

This information can help you better tailor your email marketing campaign strategy to meet your customers' needs and preferences.

Shopify average email open rate

The average welcome email and open rate for Shopify stores vary depending on the quality of the welcome email, the list, and the industry. According to a study by Oberlo, welcome emails have an average open rate of 68.6%, while the average open rate across all industries is20,94%.

It's important to note that the open rate can vary depending on several factors, such as quality of the email list, industry, subject and time. Therefore, it is essential to focus on improving open rates through effective and targeted email marketing campaigns using personalization, segmentation and A/B testing strategies.

How can I improve Shopify email open rates? | Sender (2)

17 Simple Strategies to Improve Shopify Email Open Rates

To improve email open rates, try personalizing the sender name, create a compelling email subject line that piques curiosity and adds value, and keep creative email subject lines concise and focused. Your email could be the treasure chest they've been waiting for.

1. Customize sender name

Email personalizationit's critical to engaging with your audience and improving email open rates. An easy way to do this is to customize the sender name in your email campaigns. Instead of sending your emails from a generic sender name or company email address, use the sender name with a personal name or the name of a relevant team member.
Another benefit of adding sender name is to avoid sending your emails to spam. The sender name is the first thing users use before opening any email and without it, people are likely to mark the email as spam.

For that, you'll need an email marketing tool to help you personalize your emails and segment your audience so you cansend the right message to the right people.

Here's how you can customize your email subject line with

How can I improve Shopify email open rates? | Sender (3)

And this is how you can segment your audience using advanced filters:

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How can I improve Shopify email open rates? | Sender (4)

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2. Use subject lines that generate curiosity

Your subject line is the second thing recipients see when they receive your email. creatingcatchy subject linesGenerating curiosity and encouraging recipients to open your email is crucial. Your subject line shouldn't be misleading, it should explain what the email is about; otherwise, recipients will mark theirShopify e-mails como spam.

Use questions, numbers and action-oriented language to create compelling subject lines that stand out in crowded inboxes.

3. Improve preview text

The preview text, also known ase-mail preheaded textis the piece of text that appears below the subject line in most email clients. It's an often-overlooked area that can significantly affect your email open rates.

Use this space to provide a preview or summary of your email content to entice recipients to open it and continue reading.

4. Maintain Your Shopify Subscriber List

It's important to maintain your Shopify subscriber list on a regular basis. Weed out inactive or disengaged subscribers as they can negatively affect user engagement, email deliverability and open rates.

This provides an organized database forcustomer segmentation, allowing you to develop compelling and targeted email marketing campaigns. Plus, keeping a clean database increases email deliverability, preserves your reputation, and saves you time and money.

You can also encourage subscribers to update their preferences, ensuring they receive the most relevant content from you.

5. List Segmentation

Low email open rates can demoralize you and make you pay less attention to your eCommerce email marketing strategy. The solution? Clean up your subscriber list. This means that you should go through the list, removing inactive addresses on a regular basis. You must also remove the address that belongs tostoppedemail subscribers. An inactive subscriber can be someone who has not interacted with your emails for at least 6 months.

Segmenting your subscriber list can help improve email open rates by ensuring recipients receive content relevant to their interests and needs. Use data such as past purchases, browsing behavior and demographic data to create personalized and targeted email advertising campaigns that resonate with specific segments of your audience.

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6. Use relevant content

Creating relevant content is key to engaging your audience and improving your email open rates. Use data and information from your Shopify store and your audience to create personalized content that speaks to their interests, pain points, and needs.

For example, you can send personalized recommendations and product suggestions based on your past purchases or browsing history. By using personalization to create relevant content, you can establish a deeper connection with your audience and increase your chances of engaging them with your emails.

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7. Use double opt-in para assinantes

Using a double opt-in process ensures that your subscribers have actively opted-in to receive your emails, which can lead to higher open rates. It also helps ensure that your emails are not sent to fake or inactive subscriber email addresses.

8. Perfect your timing

Timing is everything, and when it comes to email marketing campaigns, it's no different. To maximize the open rates of your Shopify email campaigns, it's important to time it perfectly. You don't want to send email too early or too late at night, when people are less likely to be checking their inboxes.

The ideal time to send your email campaigns is during business hours, preferably early morning and mid-afternoon. These are the times when most people check their email and are most likely to open and interact with your content.

9. Keep customers informed with automated email marketing

Automated email marketing can be an incredibly effective way to keep your customers informed and engaged with your brand. By setting up automated emails for different stages of the customer journey, you can ensure that your subscribers receive the same correct email delivery message at the right time.

Some examples of automated emails you can set up for your Shopify store include welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, order confirmation emails, and post-purchase follow-up emails. These emails help you stay connected with your customers and keep them engaged with your brand.

How can I improve Shopify email open rates? | Sender (5)

You can use Shopify apps likeEmail Marketing and SMS senderto automate your email workflow. With this app you can send cart abandoned emails,welcome emails, recovery emails, thank you emails, upsell and cross-sell emails, and more.

10. A/B test everything

A/B testing is a great way to optimize email campaigns and improve open rates. By testing different elements of your emails, such as the perfect line-by-line subject line, sender names, and content, you can determine what works best for your audience and adjust your strategy accordingly.

When running A/B tests, only test one element at a time to accurately measure the impact of each change. Also, test your emails against a representative sample of your subscriber list for accurate results.
Be aware of spam filters. Spam filters are one of the biggest open rate killers. It is not uncommon for strict spam filters to send your email directly to the spam folder, even if the recipient has signed up to receive content from your website. Spam filters can be difficult to understand, but you can use several spam checkers to simplify the process.

11. Write to just one person

One of the best ways to improve the effectiveness of your email campaigns is to write as if you're speaking to multiple subject lines, multiple devices, or just one person. This helps make your emails more personal and engaging, making your subscribers feel like you're talking directly to them.

When writing your Shopify emails, use a conversational tone and write in the second person, using words like "you" and "your". This helps create a sense of connection with your subscribers and makes your emails more relatable.

12. Inject some humor

Using humor in your campaigns can be a great way to connect with your audience and make your brand more accessible. Funny emails are more likely to be opened and shared and help build a positive image of your brand in the minds of your subscribers.

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When using humor in your Shopify emails, keep it appropriate and relevant to your audience. Also, be careful not to overdo it, as too much humor can detract from your message.

13. Relevance to your target audience

To improve your Shopify email open rates by making sure your emails are relevant totarget audienceIt's crucial. This means that your content must be campaigns that are relevant, tailored to your subscribers' interests and needs, and provide value to them.

When designing your email campaigns, segment your subscriber list based on location, age, interests, previous purchase amount and purchase history. This will allow you to create targeted campaigns that directly address the needs and interests of each site's email list targeting.

14. Don't tire your subscribers

While it's essential to stay connected with your subscribers and keep them engaged with your brand, it's also important not to overwhelm them with too many emails. Sending too many emails can lead to email fatigue, causing your subscribers to start to tune out of your messages.

How can I improve Shopify email open rates? | Sender (6)

To avoid losing your subscribers, limit the frequency of your emails and only send emails when you have something valuable to share. Also, give your subscribers the option to unsubscribe or adjust their email preferences.

Make it easy to unsubscribe, don't hide the unsubscribe button if you don't want your emails to be marked as spam and end up in the spam folder. This will affect your bounce rate, email deliverability, click-through rate, and reputation.

15. Forward unopened emails

Forwarding emails to subscribers who didn't open them the first time can increase your open rates. This involves waiting a few days after the initial email is sent, then sending a follow-up email to all of the inboxes of subscribers who didn't open the first email.

16. Always keep your emails short.

Keeping your emails short and to the point can increase their chances of being opened and read. Long, confusing emails are less likely to be read and can cause subscribers to lose interest.

17. Use statistics

Using insights in the email subject line, lines, or preview text can pique the interest of your subscribers. Statistics may be used to support the content of your email and provide evidence to support your claims.

main topics

In conclusion, improving email open rates is essential to the success of any email marketing campaign and todrive sales for your Shopify store. To achieve this, several strategies can be implemented, including optimizing email subject lines, targeting inactive subscribers, and personalizing email advertising.Here are some key points from our discussion:

  • The subject line is one of the most critical factors in email open rates, so creating creative and engaging subject lines that encourage recipients to open the email is essential.
  • Targeted email marketing campaigns are an effective way to increase open rates as they allow you to tailor your messages to specific segments of your audience.
  • Inactive subscribers can be re-engaged through strategic email marketing efforts such as offering incentives or providing personalized content.
  • Double opt-in confirmation pages and links can help ensure that only interested customers sign up for your email list, improving the deliverability of your emails and reducing the likelihood of being tagged as unwanted emails.
  • Sender name and domain reputation as well as the use of spam keywords can affect the success of email marketing campaigns.
  • Maintaining a well-organized subscriber database, optimizing checkout forms, and sending emails that are relevant to your target audience are key factors in improving email delivery and open rates.

By implementing these strategies, email marketers can increase the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns, improve their email open rates, and ultimately achieve their email marketing journey goals. mail.

Remember, however, that improving email open rates is only a starting point for future campaigns, and it's crucial to continually review and adjust your email marketing strategy to ensure continued success.

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