How to prevent YouTube from automatically exiting (2023)

Most of the time, YouTube offers uninterrupted playback of videos. But even the largest video streaming platform in the world sometimes goes down. In fact, many users are reporting YouTube pause issues on their devices. If you have the same problem, you've come to the right place.

This article will help you understand why YouTube pauses videos and offers practical tips to solve the problem. do not be afraid; The problem is probably not as serious as it seems. Without further ado, let's dive in.

Why does YouTube keep pausing?

If you've been on YouTube for a while, chances are you've encountered an issue with the app before. The occasional video pause is rarely a cause for concern. However, if the problem occurs too often, it may need further investigation.

There are many reasons why your video may pause, from default YouTube settings or browser issues to outdated software or a slow internet connection.

Let's take a closer look at the most common reasons why YouTube videos pause. After that, we list steps to solve the problem regardless of the cause.

YouTube default settings

The main reason why your YouTube video may be paused is that the auto pause feature is enabled by default. This feature is designed to pause videos when you've been inactive on your device for a while and prevent you from missing important details in the content you're watching.

If you're trying to watch a YouTube video while you're cooking, working, or cleaning, the auto-pause feature can ruin the experience. While YouTube doesn't give us the option to turn off auto-pause, there are third-party solutions that we'll cover below.

network problems

In the event of a network failure, your YouTube video may pause. The video may be buffering or there may be a temporary server error. YouTube's built-in algorithm stops the video when there is a network problem (except downloaded videos).


In addition to Internet issues, certain browsers can cause YouTube to pause videos. There may be an error caused by cookies or cache files, or some extensions may break video loading properly.

youtube fails

As awesome as YouTube is, it's not entirely immune to glitches or bugs. If you are sure that there is nothing wrong with your page, you should check it out.YouTube Helpor theknown problemsPage for ongoing technical issues on the platform itself.

Remind me to pause is enabled

Are you using the latest YouTube feature "Remind me to take a break"? If yes, then this can be one of the reasons why your video stops at a certain point.

A problem with your headphones

Some headset/phone combos have an automatic pause feature when the YouTube app thinks you've unplugged your headset. Pay close attention to when your video stops. If you move, your wireless headphones have a low battery, or you have a bad headphone jack, YouTube will stop.

How do I prevent YouTube from stopping automatically?

Now that we've listed the most common reasons why a YouTube video may pause, it's time to move on to the main part: troubleshooting.

Change YouTube auto pause settings

When YouTube pauses a video and asks if you want to "continue watching?" then the auto pause function is activated.

You can disable this feature by using an extension. There are many options available and not all will work for all browsers. For example, "AutoTube: YouTube Nonstop" is available forChromjfire fox.

Follow the steps below to install AutoTube on Chrome:

  1. download theAutoTubeExtension by clicking "Add to Chrome.
    How to prevent YouTube from automatically exiting (1)
  2. Continue to click "add extension.“
    How to prevent YouTube from automatically exiting (2)
  3. The extension will be installed automatically and you can watch YouTube videos without automatic pause.

Follow the steps below to install AutoTube in Firefox:

  1. BecomesAutoTubein Mozilla-Plugins.
    How to prevent YouTube from automatically exiting (3)
  2. Click on "Add to Firefox," So "Add to.“
    How to prevent YouTube from automatically exiting (4)
  3. The plugin is installed and is immediately active.
    How to prevent YouTube from automatically exiting (5)

The next time the message "Continue?" is displayed, the extension immediately resumes the video.

If the auto pause feature is not the problem, continue with the steps below.

Check your internet connection

If you're having a problem playing a video on YouTube, try playing a different one. If the page or video buffers are taking longer than normal to load, there may be a connection problem.

You can run onespeed testto check your upload and download speeds. If your speed is too slow to support YouTube playback, try switching to mobile data, restarting your router, or contacting your ISP.

How to prevent YouTube from automatically exiting (6)

Clear YouTube cache

YouTube cache saves some of your previously watched videos and loads them faster when you play them again. Too many videos in the cache can slow down the app and cause videos to pause too often.

How to clear YouTube cache:

  1. open the"Ideas' page on your mobile device or browser.
    How to prevent YouTube from automatically exiting (7)
  2. Search for the "YouTube" app on your mobile device or navigate to "storage and memory' in the browser settings.
    How to prevent YouTube from automatically exiting (8)
  3. Find the "clear cacheoption and apply it. Be careful not "delete data' as this will erase all your YouTube data.
    How to prevent YouTube from automatically exiting (9)

iOS users don't have the option to clear an app's cache. But you can download the app's data and effectively clear the cache. This is like:

  1. Open Settings on your device and tap General.
  2. Tap Storage.
  3. Tap the YouTube app.
  4. Tap Download data. Then confirm that you want to download the app data.

Downloading an app's data does not delete your login information or other important data. After downloading, restart YouTube and try to watch your video.

Deshabilite su Antivirus

Third-party apps or extensions may conflict with your YouTube service. If your antivirus software or other application detects YouTube as a threat, it can prevent the video from ending. Close any software that you think may be interfering with your YouTube experience, especially your antivirus program.

Disable the remind me to take a break feature (mobile app only)

Follow the steps below to disable this feature:

  1. Open the YouTube mobile app and tap your profile icon in the top right.
    How to prevent YouTube from automatically exiting (10)
  2. Navigate to YouTube Settings.
    How to prevent YouTube from automatically exiting (11)
  3. Go to "Generally" Section.
    How to prevent YouTube from automatically exiting (12)
  4. turn the "Remind me to take a break“ option disabled.
    How to prevent YouTube from automatically exiting (13)

If this is the problem, your YouTube videos won't pause anymore.

Update the app

Does your YouTube app keep stopping videos even after clearing the cache and restarting the app? Make sure you're using the latest version of YouTube. Just search for YouTube under the "applications" in your phone settings and check if an update is available.

Turn off data saver mode (mobile app only)

YouTube has a data saver feature that uses lower video quality and aims to reserve your mobile data to prevent users from exceeding their mobile data allowance. Today, most network operators offer unlimited data plans. If YouTube keeps pausing, try disabling the data saver feature. This is like:

  1. Open the YouTube app and tap the profile icon in the top right.
    How to prevent YouTube from automatically exiting (14)
  2. Tap Settings.
    How to prevent YouTube from automatically exiting (15)
  3. Tap Save data.
    How to prevent YouTube from automatically exiting (16)
  4. Toggle the switch next to Data saver so it turns gray.
    How to prevent YouTube from automatically exiting (17)

Now try playing your videos again to see if the pause ends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Continue reading this section if you still have questions about YouTube.

Does YouTube offer technical support?

Unfortunately not. At least not in the traditional sense. There is no one to call or chat for help with technical issues. Users who have problems with YouTube can do thisVisit the support pageto post feedback and read help articles.

Can I play YouTube videos on the locked screen?

The company has gone to great lengths to ensure that YouTube videos stop playing when you lock your phone or the screen goes black. Luckily, as with most disliked app features, there are workarounds and third-party services to circumvent certain limitations.

If you want to play YouTube with locked phone screen,look at this article.

Watch YouTube without interruptions

Pausing your YouTube video is never a pleasant experience. Unfortunately, it's a fairly common problem. The good thing is that it is easily detachable. Most of the time the problem is with the auto pause feature or your internet connection needs to be checked.

This article lists the most common reasons why YouTube might automatically pause your videos and offers some simple solutions. If the auto pause feature is not the problem and your YouTube video keeps pausing, you should try the alternative steps listed above.

Which method helped you to solve the problem? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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