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This agreement, limited by Taylor and Francis, includes349hybrid journal titles throughout 2023, allowing authors from participating institutions to publish open access without article editing transaction fees (APCs). The limit is 3,114 items for 2023. Additional titles and limits will be confirmed later for Sections 2024 and 2025 of this Agreement.

Taylor & Francis works with researchers, academic societies, universities and libraries around the world to bring knowledge to life. As one of the world's leading publishers of scholarly journals, books, eBooks and reference works, its content spans all areas of the humanities, social, behavioral, scientific, technological and medical sciences.

There is a 10% APC discount for non-eligible hybrid journal titles.

titles included

This agreement allows authors ofparticipating institutionsPublish open access to349Title without transaction APCs. This one contains:

  • Medizinlehrer, Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology und Environmental Education Research
  • Australian and New Zealand authoritative titles such as Disability and Rehabilitation, Journal of Sports Sciences, and Higher Education Research & Development

Check out the Otago 2023 track list.

Journals available under the open access publishing agreement include the following Australian and New Zealand societies:

  • New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research, New Zealand Journal of Botany, New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics, New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research, Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand e New Zealand Journal of Zoology – Royal Society Te Aparangi
  • Clinical and Experimental Optometry - Optometry Australia
  • International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology – Speech Therapy Association of Australia
  • Australian Social Work - Australian Association of Social Workers
  • New Zealand Veterinary Journal - New Zealand Veterinary Association
  • Australian Journal of Earth Sciences - Geological Society of Australia
  • Emu-Austral Ornithology - Birdlife Australia
  • Research and Practice in Intellectual and Developmental Disability and Journal of Intellectual & Developmental Disability - Australasian Society for Intellectual Disability (ASID)
  • Australian Psychologist and Clinical Psychologist - Australian Psychological Society
  • Australian Journal of International Affairs - Australian Institute of International Affairs
  • Australian Journal of Linguistics - Australian Linguistic Society
  • Australian Journal of Political Science - Australian Association for Political Studies
  • Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education - Australian Teacher Education Association
  • Asian Studies Review - Asian Studies Association of Australia
  • Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management - Association for Higher Education Management
  • Postcolonial Studies - Institute of Postcolonial Studies
  • Australian Archeology - Australian Archaeological Association
  • Australian History - Australian Historical Association
  • Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art - Art Association of Australia and New Zealand
  • Australasian Journal of Philosophy - Australasian Society for Philosophy
  • Australian Journal of Learning Disabilities - Learning Disabilities Australia
  • Annals of Leisure Research - Leisure Studies Association of Australia and New Zealand
  • Curriculum Studies in Health and Physical Education - Australian Council on Health, Physical Education and Recreation
  • Communication Research and Practice - Communication Association of Australia and New Zealand
  • Pedagogical Philosophy and Theory - Australasian Philosophy of Education Society
  • Fabrications - Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and Neuseeland
  • Japanese Studies - Japanese Studies Association of Australia
  • History of Economics Review - History of Australia's Economic Thought Society
  • Journal of Australian Studies - International Association of Australian Studies
  • Journal of Iberian and Latin American Research - Association of Iberian and Latin American Studies of Australia
  • Work and Industry - Association of Australian and New Zealand Industrial Relations Scholars
  • New Zealand Economic Papers - New Zealand Association of Economists Incorporated
  • Musicology Australia - Musicological Society of Australia
  • Australian Journal of Forensic Sciences - Australian Academy of Forensic Sciences
  • Alcheringa: An Australasian Journal of Paleontology - Australasian Paleontologists
  • Australian Journal of Civil Engineering, Australasian Journal of Engineering Education, Australian Journal of Mechanical Engineering, Australian Journal of Structural Engineering, Australasian Journal of Water Resources – Engineers Australia
  • Australian Forest - Institute of Foresters of Australia
  • Australasian Journal of Environmental Management - Environmental Institute of Australia and New Zealand
  • Psychiatry, Psychology and Law - Australian and New Zealand Association of Psychiatry, Psychology and Law
  • Transaktionen der Royal Society of South Australia - Royal Society of South Australia

Eligible articles

types of items

Open Access publications covered by this Reading and Publishing Agreement include, but are not limited to, the following types of articles:

  • Article
  • analysis
  • Research Article
  • review article
  • Message
  • short communication
  • case report
  • observation
  • Original article
  • guest editor

Authors may publish excluded article types as "closed access" or pay an article processing fee (if applicable) to make the article open access.

(Video) How To Publish Open Access with Taylor & Francis [#askEditor2]

acceptance date

Eligible Articles with an Acceptance Date during the term of this Agreement (2023) may be published in Open Access pursuant to the Agreement.

Number of items included

There isno limitation on the number of articles by eligible authors from participating institutionsthat may be published under this Agreement, subject to the CAULItem limit from 3114 to 2023.

additional expenses

Other charges such as color and page charges are not included in the agreement and will be charged separately per title. Details of these fees can be found on the Journal's Instructions for Authors page.

Deleted title

EmList of Otago 2023 titlesin the “Explanation if not included” column, “Open Select (not included for 2023)”* means it is a hybrid OA journal that has not been selected for inclusion in the 2023 CAUL Read & Publish Agreement. , CAUL used a curated list of titles based on the most widely published titles in 2021 to ensure the cap lasts for the full 12 months. For 2024, the list will be revised and the number of titles increased due to the increased item limit.

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Corresponding authors from the institutions listed below'Participating Institutions'may immediately publish in open access on the publishing platform without transactional APCs upon acceptance of the article.


Articles by authors from participating institutions may be published at the authors' discretion

  • CC-BY
  • CC-BY-NC

CC-BY and CC-BY-NC-ND are the two license types available for open select (hybrid) journals. CC-BY-NC is available for some Full Open Access titles.
Creative Commons licenses allow reuse (sometimes with conditions) while protecting authors' rights to be credited as authors. Authors retain copyright.

How to submit your article for open access publication

  1. Follow the publisher's standard article submission process through theshipping portal.
  2. If the article is accepted, you will be informed whether your library has approved your article for Open Access funding. If approved, the editor asks the corresponding author to fill in a form (publication agreement).
  3. The corresponding author confirms the license type (for example, CC-BY).
  4. The APC is automatically waived for authors who have used an institutional email address from one of the participating institutions

author identification

Authors are identified by their author as eligible for Open Access publication

  • Email address
  • Institute affiliation

Authors must use their institutional email address when submitting an article for publication in order for the publication to be approved for open access publication without transactional APCs.

Archiving in institutional repositories

Authors can deposit articles in institutional repositories.

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  • Preprints can be deposited at any time.
  • Author-accepted manuscripts may be made available through institutional repositories after a 12-month embargo period for STM articles and an 18-month embargo period for HSS articles.

look theeditor's pagefor specific information about the embargo time per journal for more information.

(Video) HEPI / Taylor & Francis webinar on open access and research, 31 January 2023


Read access is to the complete TandF journal database, containing all publications from 1997, when available, to the present.

Archiving in institutional repositories

Authors can deposit articles in institutional repositories.

  • Preprints can be deposited at any time.
  • Author-accepted manuscripts may be made available through institutional repositories after a 12-month embargo period for STM articles and an 18-month embargo period for HSS articles.

look theeditor's pagefor specific information about the embargo time per journal for more information.

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The editor provides reports on publication output with article-level information. CAUL will regularly share publication results with participating institutions.


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