Rules and Exercises on Subject Verb Agreement (English Grammar) in Hindi (2023)

subject of verbal agreement

subject of verbal agreementenglish verbs with their subjectsnumbermipersonaUsed according to the following rules will be helpful in this regard-

Rules and Exercises on Subject Verb Agreement (English Grammar) in Hindi (1)

Subject Verb Agreement Rules and Exercises (English Grammar) in Hindi;

Rules of agreement between subject and verb

rule 1.

VerbOfPersonamiNumberWhat happensSubjectOfSubjectif it is singular then it isVerbis also singular and ifSubjectIf it is plural then it isVerbit is also plural.

Singular Subject-Singular Verb

plural subject - plural verb

As -

1. Satish is playing with the ball.
placate Esplaying with a ball<singular subject>

2. The children were bathing in the river.
those guys they werebathing in the river.<plural subject>

rule 2

when two or moreaffairs 'mi' If they are attached to, then their verb is plural.

talking about someone elseS1 →e←S2



1. Harish and Satish are friends.
Harish y Satish they arefriends.

2. Ram, Shyam, you and I are good friends.
You, Ram, Shyam and me they areall fast friends

Rule 3.

if twoaffairs "mi"If they are connected and refer to the same person or thing, then your verb is singular. in this case before the first subjectArticlehe comes

talking about the same personS1 →e←S2

Verb- Singular


1. The owner and manager of the business come here today.
The owner and administratorthe companyEscome here today.

2. The horse and carriage are at the gate.
The horse and the carriageEsin the gate

Rule 4.

yes of the butsindividualsbe and theyo', 'Not even'O'as well as'When added to, its verb is singular.

S1 →'ou...ou' and '' ←S2

Verb- Singular


1. Saroj or Sushma took my wallet.
Tu Saroj o Sushma time I took my bag.

2. Neither he nor his friend were present.
Neither he nor his friend. eragift

3. My brother and sister were also happy with their success.
my brother like my sister era happy with your success.

Rule 5.

Seo' mi'norteOh, no' accompanied byaffairsdifferentNumberIf there is K, then the verb comes according to the subject of the latter.

S1 →'ou...ou' and '' ←S2

Verb according to- Distant subject (2nd)


1. Either the prince or his sisters broke this mirror.
Or Ramkumar or his sisterster broke this mirror

2. Neither he nor his friends were present.
Neither he nor his friends.they werepresent there.

Rule 6.

Each one, each one too. nonemi many oneWith comes the singular form of the verb.

Each one, each one, anyone. none, many

Verb- Singular

As -

1. Each of these children sings well.
every one of these guys singGOOD.

2. Many men go to Allahabad every year.
Many men o to Allahabad every year.

Rule 7.

when twoaffairs'even more'are added, so they are followed by verbsnoun or pronounhappens according to

S1 →'not only... but also'←S2

Verb- 2nd subject

As -

1. Not only the son, but also his father laughed.
Not only the children, but also the father. eralaugh.

Rule 8.

When'o' o 'ninguno' connected toaffairsdifferentPeopleIf they are from, then the verb comes according to the subject that is closest to it.

S1 →'you' or 'not'←S2

Verb according to - Closest subject.

As -

1. Either he is to blame or me.
or him or me in culpable.

2. Neither you nor he did this job.
neither you nor himtimedone this job.

Rule 9.

collective nounWhen we refer to a group by, its verb is in the singular.

The collective noun is used to represent the group.

Verb- Singular


1. This class is really cool.

this classroom Esvery good.

2. The army left.

The armytimehe left

Rule 10.

collective nounWhen we refer to the people in the group, then its verb comes in the plural.

Collective Noun - Plural Verb

As -

1. There was a difference of opinion between the judges of the jury.
The judge they were split on this point.

Rule 11.

Even if a book's name is plural, its verb is singular.

When books and stuff seem plural

Verb- Singular

As -

1. 'Arabian Nights' is a very good book.
the arabian nights Es a very good book

Rule 12.

When a sum attached to a plural number(as)Or if there is a sense of distance, then your action is singular.

The plural number denotes the sum of money or the distance.

verb- singular

As -

1. His salary is eight hundred rupees.
eight hundred rupees Esyour salary.

2. Ten kilometers is not a long distance.
is kmEsit is not a long distance.

Rule 13.

SomenounsexternallyPluralappear to be, but from the point of view of meaning they are in the singular, thereforenounsThe verb with is singular.

Noun sounds in the plural, but not in the plural sense, it is in the singular sense.

verb- singular


1. This news is true.
this new EsTRUE.

2. Civic education is not a difficult subject.
civic education Esit is not a difficult topic

Rule 14.

when two or threePeopleOfpronounsjoin firstsecond personOfPronoun,SoThird personOfPronounand finallyFirst personOfPronounhe comes

When 1,2,3 people are used in sentences.

Person string in Sent. 2,3,1


You, him and I went to see the exhibition.

you, them and mehe wasto see the exhibition.

Rule 15.

WhennounsEach one ofNounbefore thatoIf attached, the verb is plural.

The is used before both nouns.



The director and manager were there.
Omain isomanagerthey wereleaves.

Rule 16.

if twoaffairs'as well as' was connected byVerbFirstSubjectcomes according to

S1 →asim como←S2

Verb- According to the 1st sub


He is also present here and so am I.
Theyjust like me they are present here.

Agreement exercises between subject and verb

Translate the following sentences into English:

  • You or your sister stole my wallet.
  • We and our friends are not satisfied with you.
  • Either your servant or you knocked on my door.
  • All the men, women and children went to the fair.
  • Hari, you and I will go to the village tomorrow.
  • You didn't eat or rest.
  • Five hundred rupees is a small amount.
  • All the men, women and children were asleep.
  • Each of these students passed.
  • Each of these girls received an award.
  • Hari, you and I played on the field for an hour.
  • None of these women is very tall.

Help - wallet - purse; Dissatisfied - dissatisfied; मेला--fair; rest; quantity - sum; Tap to hit.

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